Your SUV video monitor: How Big is Too Big?

These days, getting a family coach without a video monitor anchoring the back seat entertainment system is like getting a bjorn without a pouch to hold your Blackberry, what’s the point?

The trick is finding the right monitor that’s not only the right size for all of the kids to see equally but big enough for passing motorists to catch a glimpse of the movies and programs you’re showing your kids. Why show your kids children’s TV from France if you can’t make other motorists feel bad about their monolingual lives?

This is why the only criterion limiting monitor size is the practicality for stowing it: if you can fold it into the ceiling and lower it without it knocking into the seats, go for it. Some may argue such a large monitor may block the driver’s visibility, but if you don’t have a rear-mounted camera on your SUV you shouldn’t be driving children around anyway.

So go big or stay home. Your kids will love it and people behind you in traffic on those busy summer drives up north will see that you’re not hypnotizing your young’uns with the mainstream animated tripe that Hollywood dishes out, you’ve got them watching BBC, France 5, and the Smithsonian Network.

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