Choosing the right color scheme for your camping equipment

Long gone are the days when you could just get all of your camping gear based around a hunter green theme, and in the 2000′s brown and light blue was the way to go; but these days camping with either of those motifs makes you look like you don’t know your pocket GPS system from your solar-powered laptop charger. Which brings to mind the question: how do you invest in camping gear that will last a long time yet still be fashionable well into the future?

Orange and silver.

Those two colors will serve you well into the future, even when the particular shades you’ve picked out begin to look a little passé. The strategy is simple: if a fellow camper says he thinks your gear’s colors are looking dated, merely tout the safety features inherent in orange or silver and ask them why they’ve chosen to endanger their family’s lives just to fall for aubergine, merlot, or whatever the hot color of the time happens be.

Orange, as anyone who’s watched an outdoors show (or a Packers game) knows, is the color of  hunter’s safety. Bright optic orange is what you wear when you don’t want to get shot at by sleepwalking sportsmen 5 days in the woods, so instead of wanting to be hip, say you chose orange gear because you want to keep the flying lead as far away from your kids as possible.

And when you’re lost in the woods trying to attract the attention of air rescuers, you’d give your left kingdom for something silver, so why not plan your camping gear’s color story around it? As the years move on, if people think your gear is getting gaudy, just tell them that your don’t care what anyone thinks, and besides, you’re a better person than they are because the safety of your troop is paramount.

So go ahead and splurge on the three-room tent and the self-cleaning propane convection oven because if you base your gear around an orange and silver color scheme, you’ll be camping in style until your kids go off to college and you stop pretending to like the outdoors.

Happy Trails!

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