Mother’s Day Crafts That Set You and Your Child Apart

With Mother’s Day fast approaching it’s time to start encouraging your kids toward certain crafts with the self-serving ulterior motive of receiving the fruits of said craft between brunch mimosas this Sunday. But when the big reveal comes and you sit there “ooh”ing and “aah”ing at your gift, wouldn’t it be great if that gift were so unique and distinct that the entire Mother’s Day crowd at the restaurant would be forced to recognize your family’s refined taste and your supreme parenting ability?

glass blown items

Glass-blown artwork by artist Lino Tagliapietra

Well that’s not going to happen with your usual construction paper cutouts and finger-painted portraits. Your child needs a trade whose practice alone speaks to distinction, therefore you must gently steamroll him or her to one of the following:

Glass Blowing:

Any cut-rate creative space or fly-by-night child’s art program can have your kid working in clay–kilns are a dime a dozen–but when your child has access to a glass-melting crucible furnace, everyone will know that little Kaden’s artist’s academy is in the upper echelon. And being that most glass-blown products are earthy and chunky, your Mother’s Day gift will convey the necessary eminence even if it’s an ill-conceived amorphous blob. Furthermore, glass products typically earn higher prices on Etsy, so you can turn around and recoup some of your child’s participation fee once the show on Mother’s Day is over.


You don’t have to be a Renaissance Fair nerd to appreciate good blacksmithing (though it most definitely helps), the forging arts can be appreciated by fans of everything from chemistry to medieval studies. Imagine the envy on other mother’s faces when your child gives you a hand-forged 16th Century rapier. And all of that metalworking will tone your child’s arms, eliminating the need for those expensive mother-child pilates classes.


This year we have the wonderful conjunction of Mother’s Day and the Kentucky Derby in the same weekend so why not steer your daughter into a millinery class? While other mothers will have to bravely don poorly constructed paper and felt hats, you can proudly sport your custom crafted chapeau without a second thought. And when you receive compliments on it, which you undoubtedly will, you can demurely boast “my daughter made this for me for Mother’s Day,” subjugating your flatterer to the status of lesser parent.


Some believe that the advent of digital publishing must spell the end of words printed on paper, but the advance of technology will not dispatch the printed word but move it to the realm of luxury, as it did for the likes of fountain pens and specialty vinyl. So while other kids hand their mums poems and short stories written out on wide-ruled paper, your progeny will be handing you a custom folio with a hand-tooled faux leather cover which will be right at home on the bookshelf next to the García-Márquez first editions and the Unabridged O.E.D.

So make sure your kids help you have the day that you deserve, use this Mother’s Day to elevate your family in the estimation of yourself and your neighbors!

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